Let's Get Weird

Digital Replacements Campaign

Site & Browser Plugin & Content

General Mills wanted a digital campaign targeted to tween boys  around their pre-existing campaign, which was about kids replacing each other's things with Fruit by the Foot. It was a perfect opportunity to make something super fun and slightly off. 






Site Experience

A Replacement Help Center, complete with an operator, was created to help kids replace responsibly. They could dial different extensions to engage the operator in weird activities like recorder playing, or replacement panic attacks and learn about the latest replacements happening all over the web.




Replacement Plugin

Users could download a browser plugin that allowed them to replace the internet by going to any of their favorite websites and replacing everything with Fruit By The Foot.


They could replace the cursor, backgrounds, images, animations, and even type with the Fruit by the Foot font we created.




Viral Replacements / Original Videos

To help drive traffic to the site, emerging viral videos on YouTube were replaced with Fruit By The Foot. We also created quite a few original videos to play as pre-roll on YouTube, Nickelodeon, and other kid-targeted media.