Make Mornings Magical

Hans Strudel Campaign

TV & Digital

Toaster Strudel wanted a campaign that would draw attention to the magical morning power their product has to get kids out of bed and put them in a happier mood. So we made a campaign about a magical little boy that embodies all that is sweet, fun, and slightly weird about Toaster Strudel.

Introducing Hans Strudel. 
He hails from a magical land where it's breakfast 24/7, and he's coming to your house.







Bringing Hans to Life

Site / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

We wanted Hans to be more than a TV personality so we launched Hans online. We created a FB, Twitter, and Instagram presence for the brand with Hans as the host. As a launch stunt we created an Island on Google Maps to be Hans' homeland, Breakfurg. The Island came with its very own tourist site as well, where you could learn more about Hans, the colorful locals, and the magical morning powers of their national dish Toaster Strudel.




Social Giveaway

People loved Hans so much we started mini give-aways on Facebook for things like Hans Halloween costumes and toasters that would toast flying strudel images onto your food.


A Life of its Own

People loved or hated him. But either way, they created a ton of content about him and tagged the brand on YouTube and Instagram. Once someone makes a Ryan Gosling mashup with your commercial you can retire, right?